Rochelle, Rochelle – A strange erotic^ journey from Milan* to Minsk!

*moscow and ^overnight. Actually the journey was not strange, but uneventful and it orientated in Moscow. Seinfeld fans will recognise the quote.

The overnight train is easy and convenient. It is reasonably priced and easy to book using the the Russian Railways website – click here

The map details and schedule are listed here and then a photo of the sleeping compartment is also included. The carriage attendant checks your passport, takes a meal and drinks order, and checks you off the train. Our attendant did not speak any English so it was a little difficult.

It should be noted that there seemed to be a number of intoxicated males hanging around the station, asking for money and generally being a nuisance. I would suggest arriving at the station with sufficient time to make the train, do not get there an hour before the departure and you will avoid being harassed. There are a number of police and security roaming the station and your carriage attendant will also provide you with a sense of safety.


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