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Leaving on a Jet Plane?

Once you’ve decided where you are going to start your adventure it is time to book a flight. Booking flights is a painful experience, trying to work out when the sales are on or whether to book a flexible fare is time-consuming and tedious.

We have flown overseas twice a year from Australia with Emirates for about 5 years and to be honest their booking system, both in the App and on the website is pretty user-friendly. Initially when choosing Emirates we reviewed a range of airlines on the Australian Business Traveller website – which provided detail reviews of different airlines and flight sectors. It also gives you a run down on a variety of lounges and associated travel items like bags and more.

The first time we went economy class and flew direct with only a few hours changeover in Dubai. Coming back we stopped for a couple of nights in Dubai and stayed at The Atlantis. We found the return flight, being broken by a two night stop over, made a real difference. So every flight we book now we make sure we break it down into smaller sectors.

Searching for flights this time we had a thought, what is the cost to fly from Europe to Australia return on business in comparison to the Australia to Europe fare?  So SYD – PAR return is about $7500 – the other way around, PAR- SYD is $5500 – a saving of $2000. So we stumbled upon a way around this. You book a return ticket, try to book during a sale period – you book business class on the outward leg and then you change the origin of the inbound leg to Bangkok, returning to Sydney (your trip origin) and you select economy class. The total of that fare was $4177. You obviously don’t take the return economy flight from Bangkok to Australia and you book a return Europe to Australia flight when you are over in Europe, at the return Europe-Australia price of $5500. You are now saving yourself a couple of thousand dollars on every subsequent European flight – the first flight will cost you $4100 + $2750 – Then it is $2750 each way, instead of the usually $3750 each way. If you can pick up a day when its a sale over in Europe and the Currency is going well you could be onto an even better deal!

Once you have paid for your fare you should choose your seat and the best place to head for that is Seatguru

They have a comprehensive search engine which enables you to choose the best seat on the plane, away from the kitchen and toilets, with a window and extra leg room.


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