The First Steps

So you’ve decided to move overseas and travel the world, this is the best decision you’ve ever made! We decided to move overseas during the middle of the 2016, it is something we had been thinking about since returning from 4 months overseas at the end of 2015. During out last trip in 2015 we spent a month in Croatia, a month in Prague, a month in Germany and then a month in Paris. We decided that spending at least a month in a city is the way to go, not only is usually cost-effective but it allows you to immerse yourself in the  life of the city.

Our first step was to choose the city where we would base ourselves for at least 12 months, travelling with ease to cultural events and festivals throughout the year. We wanted to start this adventure in Europe as most of the events we were looking to tick off in the first part of our adventure were on that continent. Europe is also very well-connected via multiple modes of transport, so travelling around is no problem. We chose Berlin as the city we would spend the first year of this adventure.

Second step was to find the accommodation we would book for this time. There are numerous rental agencies in Berlin and other German cities. We used Airbnb, a platform which we find increasingly well designed and useful. The cost is higher than renting from a local agency, but the convenience of an inclusive listing (i.e. furnished, electricity, rates, water etc) We will of course look at renting locally when we arrive because it is probably substantially cheaper – The Airbnb apartment is costing us $63AUD so a bit over $400 a week, still a lot cheaper than in Sydney! I suspect we can find an apartment for below $50AUD a day locally.

Visas – We are using a local immigration lawyer to guide us through the process of obtaining a permanent residence permit. We will post about this in a few months when we have hopefully completed the process.

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